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domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2011

Summer Pasta!!!!

I made this recipe for my friend [RSS] Jailbird.

In this recipe I had the help of a very special person! Marellow!

You will need:
1kg ripe tomatoes
500g buffalo mozzarella sail
1 bunch Basil
500 ml olive oil

Chop the tomatoes into pieces generous

Chop the cheese the same size tomatoes

put salt on the tomatoes, until they are salted to taste, wait a little dehydrated

Add cheese

defoliation basil, removing the stems.

add the basil to the tomato and cheese

mix well

mix well

put the 500ml of olive oil in the mixture.

Look at that delicious photo!

Look at that delicious photo!

cover the container

Call your child to put the mixture in the fridge!

Cook the pasta of your choice and place in refrigerator

after about 4 hours or more, place the cream in a pasta dish and top with tomato mixture, cheese, olive oil and basil.


A delicious Ice pastta for summer days without meat and extremely lightweight.

(Translated by google)

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